TH 1А, 1B, 1C

TH Satellite mission are Chinese stereo-topographic mapping satellites operated by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The satellites operate on a 500 km circular sun synchronous orbit. Electrical power is provided by two deployable solar panels that is stored on onboard batteries. They are equipped with a three-dimensional survey camera and a CCD camera with a ground resolution of 5 meters. Also on board is a multi-spectral camera with a ground resolution of 10 meters operating in four spectral bands. The swath width of the cameras is 60 kilometers wide. They are capable of covering different civil and military earth observation as well as remote sensing programs. The third satellite is planning to be launched in 2016.



  • Mapping and updating of topographic maps;
  • DEM generation;
  • 3-D models generation;
  • Monitoring of landscape changes;
  • Land use monitoring;
  • Crop Yield forecasting and monitoring;
  • Forest management, inventory and assessment of forests condition;
  • Irrigation monitoring and management;
  • Water quality conditions monitoring.


  Launch date:

24 August 2010

6 May 2012

26 October 2015


Hangtian Dongfanghong Weixing, China Aerospace Science and Technology та Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST)

Launch vehicle:

CZ-2D (China)


Beijing Space Eye Innovation Technology Company (BSEI)


 1014 kg



Sun Synchronous


 512 х 492 km



Spec Mission Life:

   3 years

Imaging mode



Stereo (triplet)

  Spectral range, nm

510 - 690

430 - 520 (blue)
520 - 610 (green)
610 - 690 (red)
760 - 900 (NIR)

510 - 690

Sensor Resolution (at nadir), m




Geolocation Accuracy, m

CE90 mono = 25

 Swath Width, km


Revisit Frequency, days

(At 40º North latitude)


Stereo capability


Data format


Minimum order of archival data - 500 km2

Minimum order of a new and stereo imaging - 5000 km2;

The minimum width of the zone of interest - 20 km;

The minimum rib`s length of the zone of interest - 20 km.

Order parameters and product options Standard archive New imaging 

Panchromatic image (1 channel with resolution of 2 m)

1,63 1,63
Multispectral image (4 channels with resolution of 10 m) 0,81 0,81
Bundle (panchromatic + multispectral image) 2,44
Triplet (three single-channel images with resolution of 5 m) 4,89
Prices are specified in conventional unit for 1 (one) square kilometer. Сonventional unit is USD dollar, unless it's not specified.
The payment is made only in the national currency of Ukraine. The cost is calculated on the day of invoicing and may be changed in case of abrupt change of course on the Interbank market.