SPOT 6,7

Spacecrafts SPOT-6 and SPOT-7 continue satellite observation of the earth's surface under the SPOT program to guarantee continuity of data acquisition with high resolution for years to come.

With SPOT 6 and SPOT 7, the SPOT series is entering a new era. Together, the two satellites form an Earth-observation constellation with highly responsive sensors that increase acquisition capacity and simplify data access.

While retaining SPOT’s trademark 60-km wide imaging swath, SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 offer users a number of key improvements:

1.5-metre-resolution natural-colour products, orthorectified as standard
Multi-year coverage of entire national territories
Daily revisits to any point on the globe
Ability to accommodate last-minute tasking requests
Billing per area of interest
Built with a 10-year lifetime warranty, SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 assure continuity of high-resolution data services through to 2024.

SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 are designed to cover wide areas in record time, making it possible to regularly update national map series free from the constraints imposed by seasonal conditions.

The constellation covers up to 6 million every day, an area larger than the entire European Union.
Four weather forecasts per day are integrated automatically into the tasking process to optimize efficiency. As a result, 60% of images have less than 10% cloud cover.


  • mapping and updating of topographic and special maps as well as plans up to the scale of 1:25 000;
  • the creation of digital terrain models accurate to 5-10 m;
  • inventory and control of construction of transport infrastructure as well as oil and gas production;
  • ecological conditions monitoring of the territories in the areas of production, processing and transportation of oil and gas and other minerals;
  • update of topographic base for territory planning schemes of municipalities;
  • forest management, inventory and forest condition assessment;
  • inventory of agricultural land, crop monitoring, pollution evaluation , pests and diseases identification, crop yield prediction;
  • monitoring and prediction of waterlogging processes, desertification, salinization, karst, erosion, steppe fires, and so on.


Launch date: September 9, 2012 (SPOT-6), June 30, 2014 (SPOT-7)
Developer: EADS Astrium Satellites (France) (now - Airbus Defence and Space)
Launch Site: Shryharikota (India)
Launch vehicle: РН PSLV-C21 (India) (SPOT-6), РН PSLV-C23 (India) (SPOT-7)
Operator: Airbus Defence and Space
Mass: 800 kg
Orbit Type: Sun Synchronous
Altitude: 712 km
Inclination: 98,2°
Spec Mission Life: 10 years

Imaging mode VNIR
Panchromatic Multispectral
Spectral range, nm 450 - 750 450 - 520 (blue) 
530 - 600 (green) 
620 - 690 (red) 
760 - 890 (near IR)
Sensor Resolution (at nadir), m 2,2 (after processing 1,5) 8 (after processing 6,0)
The maximum deviation angle from the nadir Standard mode: ±30° Extended mode: ±45°
Radiometric resolution, bits per pixel 12
Geolocation Accuracy,   m CE90 mono = 10
Swath Width, km 60,0
Revisit Frequency (at 40°N Latitude) from 1 day (depending on the latitude of territory)
Stereo capability Yes
Data format GeoTIFF, NITF

Minimum order of archival data - 100 km2

Minimum order of a new and stereo imaging - 500 km2;

The minimum width of the zone of interest - 3 km;

The minimum rib`s length of the zone of interest - 3 km.

Order parameters and product options Standard archive Standard new imaging Priority imaging Highest priority imaging
1.5m Сolor image (Pan-sharpened or Bundle) 4,03 4,88 7,32 9,77
1.5m Grayscale image (Panchromatic image) 3,08 3,50 5,25 -
6m Сolor image (Multispectral image) 0,96 1,38 2,07 -
1.5m Сolor stereoimage (Pan-sharpened or Bundle) 6,90 8,28 12,42 -
1.5m Сolor tri-stereoimage (Pan-sharpened or Bundle) 8,92 10,72 16,03 -
Prices are specified in conventional unit for 1 (one) square kilometer. Сonventional unit is EURO, unless it's not specified.
The payment is made only in the national currency of Ukraine. The cost is calculated on the day of invoicing and may be changed in case of abrupt change of course on the Interbank market.