RapidEye is a full end-to-end commercial Earth Observation system comprising a constellation of five minisatellites, a dedicated SCC (Spacecraft Control Center), a data downlink ground station service, and a full ground segment designed to plan, acquire and process up to 5 million km2 of imagery every day to generate unique land information products.

The system is owned and operated by BlackBridge. MDA (MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd) was the mission prime contractor and was responsible for the delivery of the space and ground segments, launch of the constellation, and on-orbit commissioning and camera calibration. The two major subcontractors to MDA were SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.) for the spacecraft bus, SCC and spacecraft AIT (Assembly, Integration and Test) services, as well as Jena Optronik GmbH (JOP) who provided the 5-band multispectral imager (RGB, red edge, and near IR bands).

The RapidEye constellation represents a major milestone in the Earth observation industry. It is the first fully commercial operational class Earth observation system using a constellation of 5 satellites that provides unparalleled performance.


  • inventory of agricultural land, the creation of land- use planning;
  • crop monitoring, contamination assessment, pests and diseases of crops identification, harvest forecast, precision agriculture;
  • forest monitoring and inventory;
  • natural and man-provoked disaster monitoring;
  • monitoring of transport infrastructure construction as well as oil and gas exploration;
  • territorial planning and management of the municipalities;
  • upgrade of road and other special maps up to the scale 1:25 000-1:50 000;
  • ecological conditions of the territories in the areas of production, processing and transportation of oil and gas and other minerals monitoring.


  Launch date:

 29 August 2008


MDA (Canada), SSTL (Great Britain)

  Launch Site:

 Baikonur (Russia)

Launch vehicle:

Dnepr (Ukraine)


BlackBridge AG (Germany)


 150 kg



Sun Synchronous


 630 km



Spec Mission Life:

   > 7 years

Imaging mode


     Spectral range, nm

440-510 (blue)
520-590 (green)
630 - 685 (red)
690 - 730 (red-edge)
760 - 880 (NIR)

Sensor Resolution (at nadir), m

6,5 (after processing — 5)

Off-nadir imaging


 Dynamic Range, bits per pixel


Geolocation Accuracy, m

7 - 10

  Swath Width, km


Revisit Frequency, days


Stereo capability


Data format


Minimum order of archival data - 500 km2;

Minimum order of a new and stereo data - 3500 km2;

Order parameters and product options

Standard archive

New Imaging 
Multispectral image ( 5 channels), 5 m 1.2
Prices are specified in conventional unit for 1 (one) square kilometer. Сonventional unit is EURO, unless it's not specified.
The payment is made only in the national currency of Ukraine. The cost is calculated on the day of invoicing and may be changed in case of abrupt change of course on the Interbank market.