The Pléiades twins are very high-resolution satellites delivering 50-cm Ortho products as a standard. Phased on the same orbit, the constellation will enjoy unprecedented reactivity, with same-day revisit capacity anywhere on the Earth. Multiple tasking plans per day result in an unrivalled optimization of data collection: unforeseen weather changes, as well as last-minute requests, can be taken into account for a first-class level of service. The Pléiades 1A spacecraft was launched on December 16, 2011 on a Soyuz ST from Europe's spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. It will be followed by Pléiades 1B in late 2012.




  • mapping and updating of topographic and special maps as well as plans up to the scale of 1:5000;
  • inventory and control of construction of transport infrastructure as well as oil and gas production;
  • forest management, inventory and forest condition assessment;
  • inventory of agricultural land, creation of land-use planning, precision agriculture;
  • update of topographic base for general construction plans for perspective urban development and territory planning schemes of municipalities;
  • inventory and monitoring of transport, energy and communications;
  • a wide range of tasks in the field of environmental protection.


  Launch Date:

Pléiades 1A: 16th December 2012; Pléiades 1B: Q4 2012


EADS Astrium Satellites (France)(now Airbus Defence and Space)

 Launch Site:

the Kourou Spaceport (French Guiana)

  Launch vehicle:

“Soyuz” (Russia)


 Airbus Defence and Space


1015 kg



Sun-synchronous, 10:30 am descending node


694 km


98.79 minutes

Spec Mission Life:

Minimum of 5 years with an estimated life of more than 10 years

Imaging mode




  Spectral range, nm

470 - 830

Blue: 430 - 550

Green: 500 - 620

Red: 590 - 710 

Near-infrared: 740 - 940 

Sensor Resolution

  (at nadir), m

0,7 (after processing - 0,5)

2,8 (after processing - 2,0)

Off-nadir pointing angle (maximum), degrees


 Dynamic Range,

  bits per pixe


Geolocation Accuracy

CE90 mono = 4,5

Swath Width, km


Revisit Frequency
(at 40°N Latitude)

with +/- 30° viewing angle, 1.3 days and better above 40° latitude, 1.7 days at equator; with +/- 45° viewing angle, daily revisit of any point on the globe

Stereo capability


  Data format


Minimum order of archival data - 25 km2

Minimum order of a new and stereo imaging - 100 km2;

The minimum width of the zone of interest - 3 km;

The minimum rib`s length of the zone of interest - 3 km.

Order parameters and product options

archival imaging

new imaging

rush order







Primary level + RPC (without geometric correction),

automatic ortho (Accuracy 4,5 м CE90)

12,0 24,0 20,0 34,0 40,3 80,6
Prices are specified in conventional unit for 1 (one) square kilometer. Сonventional unit is EURO, unless it's not specified.
The payment is made only in the national currency of Ukraine. The cost is calculated on the day of invoicing and may be changed in case of abrupt change of course on the Interbank market.