The IKONOS satellite ws the world’s first commercial satellite to collect panchromatic images with 80 cm resolution and multispectral imagery with 3.2 meter resolution. It was decommissioned in March 2015 ending a 15 year mission life.

Imagery from the panchromatic and multispectral sensors could be merged to create 80 cm pan-sharpened color imagery.

IKONOS imagery was used for national security, military mapping, air and marine transportation, and by regional and local governments.

The satellite had a revisit time of once every three days and downlinked directly to more than a dozen ground stations around the globe.


  • mapping and updating of topographic and special maps as well as plans up to the scale 0f 1:2000;
  • the creation of digital terrain models accurate to 1-2 m;
  • iInventory and control of construction of transport infrastructure as well as oil and gas production;
  • forest management, inventory and forest condition assessment;
  • inventory of agricultural land, creation of land-use planning, precision agriculture;
  • update of topographic base for general construction plans for perspective urban development and territory planning schemes of municipalities;
  • inventory and monitoring of transport, energy and communications;
  • a wide range of tasks in the field of environmental protection.


  Launch date:

September 24, 1999


 Lockheed Martin (USA)

  Launch Site:

  Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Launch vehicle:

Athena-2 (USA)


DigitalGlobe (USA)


 726 kg (4186 lbs)



  Sun synchronous, 10:30 am descending node


 681 km



Spec Mission Life:

   12+ years

Imaging mode




  Spectral range, nm

450 - 900

Blue: 445 - 516
Green: 506 - 595
Red: 632 - 698
Near-IR: 757 - 853

Sensor Resolution

  (at nadir), m



 Dynamic Range,

  bits per pixe


Geolocation Accuracy

15 meter CE90 (specification)
9 meter CE90 (measured)

Swath Width, km

11.3 kilometers at nadir

Revisit Frequency
(at 40°N Latitude)

Approximately 3 days

Capacity, km² per day


Stereo capability

Yes (same-pass stereo collections)

  Data format


All data which was conducted before December 31, 2016 are considered to be arhival.

Minimum order of archival data - 25 km2

The minimum width of the zone of interest - 3 km;

The minimum rib`s length of the zone of interest - 3 km.


Order parameters and product options Standard archive
Panchromatic image (PAN, a single band image generally displayed as shades of gray) 12,0
PMS(RGB, 3 bands), MS4 (4 bands), Bundle 4(PAN + MS4)
Prices are specified in conventional unit for 1 (one) square kilometer. Сonventional unit is USD dollar, unless it's not specified.
The payment is made only in the national currency of Ukraine. The cost is calculated on the day of invoicing and may be changed in case of abrupt change of course on the Interbank market.