Cartosat-1 (IRS-P5)

CartoSat-1 or IRS P5 (Indian Remote Sensing Satellite) is a state-of-the-art remote sensing satellite built by ISRO which is mainly intended for cartographic applications. It is the eleventh satellite to be built in the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellite series. Weighing 1560 kg at lift-off, CartoSat-1 is launched into a 618 km high polar Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO) by PSLV-C6.

CartoSat-1 carries two state-of-the-art Panchromatic (PAN) cameras that take black and white stereoscopic pictures of the earth in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The swath covered by these high resolution PAN cameras is 30 km and their spatial resolution is 2.5 meters. The cameras are mounted on the satellite in such a way that near simultaneous imaging of the same area from two different angles is possible. This facilitates the generation of accurate three-dimensional maps. The cameras are steerable across the direction of the satellite's movement to facilitate the imaging of an area more frequently. The images taken by CartoSat-1 cameras are compressed, encrypted, formatted and transmitted to the ground stations. The cameras operate in the 500 - 750 nm wavelenght and are tilted +26 deg and -5 along the track. The images are reconstructed from the data received at the ground stations.


  • mapping and updating of topographic and special maps as well as plans up to the scale of 1:10000;
  • the creation of digital terrain models accurate to 3-6 m;
  • inventory and control of construction of transport infrastructure as well as oil and gas production;
  • update of topographic base for general construction plans for perspective urban development and territory planning schemes of municipalities;


  Launch date:

5 May 2005


 Indian Space Research Organization

  Launch Site:

 SHAR Centre Sriharikota India

Launch vehicle:



Indian Space Research Organization


 1560 kg



Polar Sun Synchronous


 618 km


  97 min

Spec Mission Life:


Imaging mode PAN-F Camera PAN-A Camera
   Spectral range, nm 500-850

Sensor Resolution (at nadir), m

Off-nadir imaging +26º -5º
 Dynamic Range, bits per pixel 10
  Swath Width, km 30 27
Revisit Frequency, days 5
Stereo capability Yes (same-pass stereo collections)
Data format GeoTIFF, NITF

Minimum order of archival data - 27,5 х 27,5 km(1 scene); 

Ordering of a new imaging is not available;

All data which was conducted more than 30 days ago are considered to be arhival.

Order parameters and product options



Panchromatic image (PAN, a single band image generally displayed as shades of gray)

1350,00 2025,00
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