SpacEyes 3D - easy to use and convenient tool for creating, from the existing vector and raster data, and distributing high-quality three-dimensional models of unlimited size.

The main features of SpacEyes 3D is simplicity of using - anyone can immediately start their own assembly of three-dimensional model, even without training, and no need for programming or creating data - model assembled from available data.

SpacEyes 3D allows to use existing image data without converting (digital terrain model (DTM, grid), GIS vector layers, raster RS (Aerial and satellite images), complex 3D-objects (AutoCAD, 3D Max, Google Earth), digital data) to collect from them a realistic three-dimensional model of the project area and for further distribution and demonstration in the "overflight" in real time, including using means of virtual reality (stereo glasses or helmet).

SpacEyes 3D can import large amounts of data formats and export the created model high quality raster images and animations to create an autonomous three-dimensional model or publish it to the Internet, use management features and analysis of spatial information model.

SpacEyes 3D spatial model of territory includes:

  • digital model of the territory (landscape),
  • raster image of the ground surface,
  • vector layers of infrastructure facilities (buildings, roads, forests, etc.),
  • complex three-dimensional models of objects,
  • three dimensional infrastructure objects (library of models),
  • semantic data objects and a variety of labels,
  • animated objects,
  • properties of the environment (lighting, fog, etc.).

SpacEyes3D Builder SpacEyes 3D:

  • Simple use of the existing data without conversion;
  • Easy management - three dimensional PowerPoint;
  • Open solutions: integration of data from different GIS formats;
  • Unlimited in size models with high precision and quality;
  • Different methods of distribution and demonstration of your model;
  • Integration of SpacEyes 3D  in custom projects or software products;
  • Additional effects when using stereo mode or virtual reality devices.

Possibilities of SpacEyes3D:

  • Management of styles of the layers;
  • Application of various styles to layers;
  • Implementation of complex 3D-objects, including animated objects;
  • The library of three-dimensional objects;
  • The accuracy and amount of data  limited only by the characteristics of the hardware;
  • The use of labels, tags, etc., including data from external sources;
  • Unlimited scalability of the model;
  • Progressive "permission" of raster images for high performance;
  • Export of high-quality raster images and animations.

Possibilities of analysis and research of the model:

  • Layer managment;
  • Visualization managment of layers;
  • Thematic analysis of layers;
  • Editing and saving of layers;
  • Connecting and semantic data visualization;
  • Getting information about model's objects.

Different methods of distribution and demonstration of models:

  • Creating an autonomous model for individual data carriers;
  • Export of high-quality raster images;
  • Creation of a circular panoramic images;
  • Export videos with unlimited quality.


  • Presentation and discussion of projects;
  • Town and territory planning;
  • Analysis of visual impact;
  • Design of communicational systems;
  • Tourism and culture;
  • Education;
  • Information and advertising;
  • Integration in other software products.

Urban and territorial planning.

  • Simulation of planning scenarios ;
  • Visualization of large projects;
  • Analysis of the visual impact of new constructions;
  • Analysis of the impact of landscape on the spread of mass flow and waves;
  • Support for decision making;
  • Public discussion of the project.

Tourism and cultural development.

  • Touristic information terminals with routes planning and access to the information;
  • Detailed free distributed interactive guides for the sights;
  • Touristic DVD for planing and exploring routes.


  • Educational software products with support of geography;
  • Detailed illustration of volcanic activity;
  • Interactive three-dimensional atlas of the views of cities and countries and related information.

Information and Mass Media.

  • Realistic visual illustration of current events;
  • Interactive presentation of cultural and sport events;
  • Three-dimensional pictures of geopolitical events, natural disasters, meteorological data.

SpacEyes 3D Viewer

Free tool for  exploring and distribution of three-dimensional models. Allows you to "overflight" model in real time and receive information about the objects of the model. You can perform interface customization for specific solutions.

SpacEyes3D Builder

Tool includes creation of three-dimensional models and their "overflight" in real time.  Also include a library of 3D objects and different tools for simple creation of model:

  • import DTM, grid, vector GIS data, RS raster data ;
  • import complex three-dimensional objects;
  • tools for creation three-dimensional objects from GIS vector  layers ( "squeezing" automatic positioning, etc.).

SpacEyes 3D Server

Designed for publishing models in the internet. SpacEyes3D Server is based on the unique technology of streaming data and makes it easy to distribute high quality images and 3D-models created in the Builder.

The list of supported formats is constantly expanding.

raster images

  • TIF: Tiff / GeoTiff (* .tif)
  • ECW: ERMapper Compressed Wavelets (* .ecw)
  • JPEG2000 (* .jp2)
  • JPEG: JPEG JFIF (* .jpg, * .jpeg)
  • MrSid
  • AAIGrid: Arc / Info ASCII Grid (* .asc)
  • DTED: DTED Elevation Raster (* .dt2)
  • PNG: Portable Network Graphics (* .png)
  • GEO: GEOimage Format (.geo)
  • VRT: Virtual Raster
  • NITF: National Imagery Transmission Format
  • HFA: Erdas Imagine Images (.img)
  • CEOS: CEOS Image
  • AIG: Arc / Info Binary Grid
  • SDTS: SDTS Raster
  • JDEM: Japanese DEM (.mem)
  • GIF: Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
  • ESAT: Envisat Image Format
  • BSB: Maptech BSB Nautical Charts
  • XPM: X11 PixMap Format
  • BMP: MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap
  • HDF4: Hierarchical Data Format Release 4
  • HDF4Image: HDF4 Dataset
  • PNM: Portable Pixmap Format (netpbm)
  • DOQ1: USGS DOQ (Old Style)
  • DOQ2: USGS DOQ (New Style)
  • ENVI: ENVI .hdr Labelled
  • EHdr: ESRI .hdr Labelled
  • PAux: PCI .aux Labelled
  • MFF: Atlantis MFF Raster
  • MFF2: Atlantis MFF2 (HKV) Raster
  • FujiBAS: Fuji BAS Scanner Image
  • GSC: GSC Geogrid
  • L1B: NOAA Polar Orbiter Level 1b Data Set
  • FIT: FIT Image
  • GXF: GeoSoft Grid Exchange Format

Remote access:

  • OGC / WCS
  • ECWP

Vector data:

  • ESRI Arc / Info Binary Coverage
  • ESRI ShapeFile (2D / 3D)
  • MapInfo TAB (2D / 3D)
  • Mapinfo MIF / MID (2D / 3D)
  • Microstation DGN
  • DXF Autocad (2D / 3D)
  • UK NTF - UK National Transfer Format
  • STDF
  • Rec
  • Tiger - US Census TIGER / Line
  • IHO S-57 (ENC)
  • GML - Geography Markup Language
  • AVCBin

Remote access:

  • MySQL,
  • Oracle Spatial,
  • ArcSDE,
  • PostGRES / GIS

Three dimensional objects:

  • OpenFlight (* .flt)
  • TerraPage (* .txp)
  • LightWave (* .lwo)
  • Alias ??Wavefront (* .obj)
  • Carbon Graphics GEO (* .geo)
  • 3D Studio MAX (* .3ds)
  • Autocad DXF (* .dxf)
  • Collada (dae)
  • Google Earth (Kml, Kmz)
  • Performer (* .pfb)
  • Direct X (* .x)
  • Inventor Ascii 2.0 (* .iv)
  • Designer Workshop (* .dw)
  • AC3D (* .ac)

Free SpacEyes3D Viewer

Download the file (25 MB) and follow the installation of SpacEyes3D Viewer. After installation, run SpacEyes 3D Viewer, click on the Help menu , then open the "Parameters" (at the bottom right corner) and select prefered language from the Language tab.

Online-model of Constanta (Romania)

Download the file and open it using SpacEyes3D Viewer. This model requires Internet connection for viewing.

Online-model of Tunisia (Tunisia)

Download the file and open it using SpacEyes3D Viewer. This model requires Internet connection for viewing.

Information materials

SpacEyes 3D. Easy creation of three-dimensional models and their viewing in real time. Brochure (Adobe Acrobat, A4, 1.51 MB).
SpacEyes 3D. Easy creation of three-dimensional models and their viewing in real time. Brochure (Adobe Acrobat, A3, 1.49 MB).