As the demand for access to geospatial information grows, the need for new and more efficient ways to deliver information to those who need it most becomes more important.


That's why Exelis Visual Information Solutions created ENVI Services Engine, a cloud-based image analysis solution that allows your organisation to create, publish, and deploy advanced ENVI image and data analytics to any existing enterprise infrastructure.

With ENVI Services Engine, your entire organisation has the online, on-demand access to geospatial data and information they need to efficiently make strategic decisions - regardless of their location.

The design of ENVI Services Engine allows an app developer to build customised applications in a number of different programming languages that leverage the power of ENVI image analysis algorithms for consumption via web, mobile, and thin clients. HTTP REST requests made to the ENVI Services Engine from a middleware component will subsequently call and run this functionality, with the results being pushed back through the middleware components to the requesting application.


Remote Access:

One of the largest benefits of deploying image analytics in the cloud is the ability to run complex, resource intensive analysis on extremely large datasets from thin or mobile clients. By moving the analysis to the data, the need for high-powered, localised clients is eliminated in favour of lightweight applications that can call analysis functions via the web.

Resource Considerations:

A cloud-based solution is easier to update, allowing the administrator to perform faster, more frequent updates to the system as opposed to pushing updates to a network of desktops. Additionally, because software and data is housed in a central location, often times a single IT resource can easily manage licensing and storage needs.

User Collaboration:

A centralised location for image data and analysis functionality increases collaboration among disconnected users. In many instances, users from different parts of the same organisation may be using different software packages to conduct similar work. This can result in inconsistent workflows, erroneous results, and even incompatible outputs. A single deployment of a vetted analysis software package provides consistent and repeatable processes across the organisation. The ability to create custom workflows for dissemination across multiple environments means that non-technical, remote users can perform complex analysis with successful results.