ENVI for ArcGIS® Server

The demand for timely and accurate information from geospatial imagery is growing in industries from defence and security to urban planning and development.


ENVI is the software solution used by professionals across industries to quickly, easily, and accurately extract information from imagery and provide current and detailed information about an area of interest for updating geodatabases.

As organisations rely more on geospatial imagery, the transition to server-based platforms like Esri’s ArcGIS Server® for image management and dissemination increases efficiency and collaboration across the workflow, creating an environment that is not only easier for administrators to manage, but for end users to access. Now, you can easily deliver ENVI’s advanced image analysis tools to the ArcGIS Server environment using ENVI for ArcGIS Server, a revolutionary new product that provides the tools users across the enterprise need to effectively add important information about a geographic area to their GIS.

ENVI for ArcGIS Server allows you to author, publish, and distribute image analysis tools and models to your entire organisation. With ENVI image analysis tools available within the familiar ArcGIS Server environment, end users now can take full advantage of the rich geographic data contained in imagery.


tools and models on the desktop to provide customised image analysis functionality to your organisation


models and applications across the enterprise to increase overall productivity and return derived data to a central, shared location


image analysis applications and models published through the ArcGIS Server platform on a desktop, mobile, or Web client

Exposing ENVI image analysis capabilities to the Esri ArcGIS Server environment enables you to leverage server class resources to analyse large image scenes and take full advantage of the information in imagery. And, because ENVI for ArcGIS® Server is compatible with ArcGIS Web Mapping, you can easily create, manage, and distribute ENVI image analysis applications and models over the enterprise to desktop and mobile clients or to web applications.

Author Image Analysis Tools and Models

With an ENVI desktop license, ENVI image analysis tools are readily available in the familiar ArcGIS environment and can be used to author powerful GIS applications. ENVI image analysis tools make it easier than ever to include data and information derived from imagery in the geospatial applications you create with ArcGIS such as maps, globes, geoprocessing models, and more.

  • Add image analysis capabilities to your existing tools and models
  • Combine multiple tools that include image analysis functionality to create a new model
  • Create new tools for image analysis

Publish Image Analysis Tools and Models

Once models and applications are built, you can publish them to users across the ArcGIS Server enterprise. To do this, determine the geoprocessing tools or models that utilise the ENVI functionality you want to share and push it to the ArcGIS Server. Now, the tools and models you create will be readily available and customised to the needs of your organisation. Publishing applications and models with ENVI image analysis capabilities helps the organisation increase efficiency, improve the decision-making process, and maximise return on investment.

  • Automate complex image analysis tasks
  • Incorporate information from imagery to GIS models and services
  • Deliver image analysis and workflows to a large base of users
  • Leverage server class resources to analyse large imagery and data
  • Use Models and Applications Published to ArcGIS

By authoring image analysis applications with the ENVI desktop and publishing them with ENVI for ArcGIS® Server, your entire organisation can access ENVI image analysis tools whether they work in a mobile, desktop, or Web environment. And, because applications and models can automate complex image processing tasks, like RPC orthorectification, change detection, and land classification, users of all ability levels can take advantage of the geographic information they provide.

  • Forest fire applications can provide fire fuel load information in real-time to fire fighters
  • City planners can utilise applications that determine urban sprawl, floodplains, and more
  • Forest rangers can determine the extent of forest damage from beetle kill or natural disasters
  • Much more

Contact your ENVI representative.

ENVI for ArcGIS® licensing options are flexible. Whether you need a few seats for a smaller workgroup or a site wide license for your entire organisation, ENVI for ArcGIS® has a solution for you.