Stereo DEM

We offer you the service of the relief formation based on stereo images with 2.5 meters spatial resolution.

Altitude pickets gatherd with a pitch from 50 to 100 meters depending on the complexity of relief. Structural lines formed on the basis of relief load and include polygonal objects (hydrography). An example of generated DEM file for review can be downloaded here - >>>

Мал. 1. Приклад відображення сформованого DEM в кольорах рельєфної відмивки.

The example file contains only altitude marks. To visualize the file in ENVI software we recommend to use improving conversion Image [Linear]. Information about the coordinate system removed.

Minimum order - 25 square kilometers, the polygon edge - at least 3 kilometers. The cost of data - 80 USD / square kilometer including all taxes.