Multiuser Program

 MUP (MultiUser Programm) is a promotional offer that allows you to buy a picture or set of pictures for a certain area at a special price due to " price separation" for different users. For example, a set of ultra-high resolution images from GeoEYE-1 satellite for the Kyiv city which is 673 km2 in size only to the extent of urban development, the cost of archive imaging of this area is 292 755 UAH. Not every organization can afford such a purchase, even despite the need of such data.

What mechanism?

Before the start of such program, we monitor the market in terms of data necessity for a particular area. After this we calculate the provisional number of potential buyers and derive the starting price from these calculations. Thus, for example, if we see that five companies want to buy the satellite image for Kyiv. So, we can offer these companies present data set at a price of 58 551 UAH for each of the five companies. However, if number of these companies are not five, but more, the price will decrease in direct proportion to number of customers.

Now, with tangible reduction in price of the product, it will be able to more customers.