About us

The main activities of the company are organization and participitation in projects of remote sensing (RS) and related fields of space science and technology.

«Pixel Solutions» offers an innovative approach to modern GIS technology on the market of Ukraine. Highest priority activities are providing services in the field of systematic GIS integration, training and supplying of specialized software and satellite images, from the world's leading operators. Our company is the official distributor of the world famous producers of software such as ITTVIS, Trimble INPHO, Shlumberger Water Services.

One of the main area of our work is providing remote sensing services with data from almost all operating commercial satellites. Our company is an official distributor of leading remote sensing companies-operators, such as  DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, SpotImage, MDA, RESTEC, Infoterra, offering customers digital data of remote sensing satellites: WorldView-2, WorldView-1, GeoEye-1, QuickBird, Ikonos, Alos, Spot, TerraSAR-X, Radarsat and others.

Among directions of our activities in recent years are development and implementation of integrated technology solutions, focused on the needs of different sectors of national economy and represent a cross-cutting territorial adapted technological chains, from selection, receiving and initial processing of images to automated thematic analysis.

We implement and work on further development of technologies based on conceptually new approaches. The future belongs to complex deeply integrated geoinformation solutions, which will find a wide use of intelligent automated analysis and decoding combined with modern technology of distributed access to geospatial information, including the Internet.

Huge interest for a wide range of our customers and partners are geoportals based on results of satellite images processing, and the main priority of our work is the creation of thematic geoportals with functions of editing vector layers and information storage in a common database. Using of geoportal improves the efficiency of information systems interaction at different levels, getting objective statistics about the state of resources and illegal economic activities.

The main principle of the company is open to cooperation and collaboration with different companies specializing in the field of geoinformatics. Based on this principle, the «Pixel Solutions» company implements partner program, inviting to participate in it leading collectives and organizations, interested both in the acquisition and use of remote sensing data and the implementation of large-scale joint mutually beneficial projects.