Territory management

This web application developed for territory control on  example of botanical garden named after O. Fomin and city Alushta, Crimea (Ukraine).

Providing management decisions aimed for improving the functioning of the botanical garden, based on use of geographic information systems and server technologies. The basis for such decisions is geodatabase (GDB) for its territory including thematic data about flora and other infrastructure. The GDB  model is based on a plan diagram scale of 1: 250 of the Botanical Garden; Garden raster map scale of 1: 2000; garden inventory catalogs of woody plants 1998 year and the book "Woody plants of botanical garden named after O.V.Fomin Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv."

Also web application has spatial objects (data) on the territory of Alushta in Crimea, global coverage of satellite images as a base map and tools to work with them.

Description of the system:

The data can be seen in the tool "List layers" that have the ability of layers transparency. If you reveal this data, there is a legend (eg, Botanical Garden and the city. Alushta / woody plants).


In the tool "Bookmarks" arrangement of botanical garden and the city of Alushta are entered.

Using the tool "Information" we see descriptive information about the object, as well as photos of some tree plants (eg., Magnolia Lebnera) and generated * .pdf file (eg., Berberis vulgaris), which has description and picture of the plant.


With the tool "Search" you can find streets within the Alushta, woody plants; just by entering their titles or by given figure.

Tool "Measurment" allows you to draw a shape and measure its length, perimeter or area, and label necessary facilities.

Tools "Buffer" allows you to build a single or merged buffer zones from a point object. Or use drawned objects with the "Measurment" tool.


It is possible to print view of screen - the "Print" tool.

There is a possibility of additional navigation on map in the lower right corner. All windows are dynamic instruments. You can go to the company website using the information window at the top right corner.